Superior Rooms – a magnificent chamber!

Srinagar – indulgent houseboats, historic gardens, romantic shikara rides and adventurous paragliding nestled in the jaw dropping grandeur. Located 12 kms from the airport, 300 kms from the nearest railway station and well connected through NH 1A, RK Sarovar Portico is a perfect stay. Located on the picturesque Suliaman hills, the hotel is an aesthetic and modern day retreat for both business as well as … Continue reading Superior Rooms – a magnificent chamber!

Filmmaker’s Paradise – Kashmir

“Tareef karu kya uski jisne tujhe banaya”                          Bollywood has always been capturing beautiful locations in its films. Be it the songs, the costumes, the actors or the locations everything is done to perfection. The location, if not THE most important, is one of the most important ingredients of any film. When those breathtaking … Continue reading Filmmaker’s Paradise – Kashmir

Koshur: The Official Kashmiri Language

Language is the ability to acquire and use complex systems of communication, particularly the human ability to do so, and a language is any specific example of such a system. India is a land of diversity with people from different sects of the society living all together in unison. Being a perfect amalgamation of different cultures, religions, beliefs, and of course, languages too; India is … Continue reading Koshur: The Official Kashmiri Language

3 Most Visited Sights in Srinagar

3 Most Visited Sights in Srinagar Food, great views, and the happiest people on Earth. Welcome to Srinagar! Srinagar is a retreat to those who have the wanderlust gene in them. The landscape varies just as widely.  And, if you’ve ever fancied catapulting straight into a mountain valley overlooking the beautiful snow-capped peaks of the mighty Himalayas, then this is it! Pack your bags, pick … Continue reading 3 Most Visited Sights in Srinagar

Welcoming Spring with the Festival of Lohri

It is the diversity of our country that makes it so alluring and incredible. And Srinagar too exudes the same, the heaven on earth is not only famous for its reservoirs of natural beauty, but is distinctively famous for its blend of cultural heritage. The multicultural Srinagar is cosmopolitan ethnicity, which accommodates people from various religious and cultural background under the same sky. The city … Continue reading Welcoming Spring with the Festival of Lohri

Floating Markets of Srinagar

As they say, “if there is Heaven on Earth, it is here”, in Srinagar! Srinagar, also known as the Summer Capital of J&K, is heaven on earth in true sense. Located on both sides of the Jhelum, which passes through the city and winds through the valley, deepening in the Dal Lake. It is famous for boats, lakes, gardens, handicrafts and dry fruits. Introduction Apart … Continue reading Floating Markets of Srinagar

Executive Suites

Executive Suites: Luxury at its best

RK Sarovar Portico – Values & Beliefs Our service philosophy stems from an understanding of your need. Your comfort is our priority. RK Sarovar Portico is a budget, premium luxury hotel in Srinagar providing world class facilities. RK Sarovar Portico offers full-service 3 and 4 star hotels that offer convenient access to commercial and tourist center. We offer you a blend of services ensuring luxury … Continue reading Executive Suites: Luxury at its best



Ours is a land of diversity, where people of different religions live in unison, and festivals of many kinds are celebrated with great triumph, year round. These festivals revive bonding, cultural beliefs, thus infusing harmony, joy and feeling of belongingness amongst the various religious, social, or geographical groups, and collectively citizens of a nation that celebrates secularism. Importance of Ramadan in Islam Festivals of all … Continue reading Ramadan

Experience & Celebrate the Fervour of Navroz in Srinagar.

  Kashmir, the Paradise on Earth Kashmir- the paradise of India is abound with breathtaking beauty of nature. Srinagar, its capital is another jewel that promises picturesque sights that will make you fall in love with it. The city not only has heart-captivating views, but is also renowned for its rich culture, traditions, heart-whelming hospitality and food, which are so diverse. It is this diversity … Continue reading Experience & Celebrate the Fervour of Navroz in Srinagar.