3 Most Visited Sights in Srinagar

3 Most Visited Sights in Srinagar Food, great views, and the happiest people on Earth. Welcome to Srinagar! Srinagar is a retreat to those who have the wanderlust gene in them. The landscape varies just as widely.  And, if you’ve ever fancied catapulting straight into a mountain valley overlooking the beautiful snow-capped peaks of the mighty Himalayas, then this is it! Pack your bags, pick … Continue reading 3 Most Visited Sights in Srinagar


Where winter is a bane to certain places and is cursed for bringing in stagnancy along with putting a full stop to the mundane lives of the folks, the same winter is a blessing to the new Srinagar. The city becomes all the more lively and flushed with people from different parts of the world, who come there to experience the splendid beauty of the … Continue reading 4 REASONS TO VISIT SRINAGAR THIS WINTER

Craft Tour to Kashmir

Shopping in Kashmir is not about window shopping or roaming around swanky malls looking out for things you want, but it is walking down the streets dotted with shops, vendors and customers busy negotiating for the best price of coveted item.  It is an experience in itself, both fascinating and unforgettable. Going back in time, when Mir Sayed Ali Hamdani, a mystic from Persia moved … Continue reading Craft Tour to Kashmir

6 Reasons why Everyone Loves Kashmir

Kashmir, the “Venice of the East”, is jewel of a destination and entices everybody who visits it with its medieval charm, reminiscences of lost empire and a plethora of natural beauty. The past still peeps in the present day architecture and fantastic space. People who visit this place cannot resist themselves falling in love with it. Today, we came up with the task of listing … Continue reading 6 Reasons why Everyone Loves Kashmir

10 Reasons Why Srinagar Should Be Your Next Destination

A jewel of a destination, Srinagar, is one of the most awe-inspiring holiday destinations in India. The indulgent houseboats, historic Mughal gardens, distinctive Kashmiri wooden mosques and a mild summer combine to make Srinagar, the paradise of east. In this blog we shall discuss why Srinagar should be the next destination on your to – travel list. We bring to you the 10 most convincing … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why Srinagar Should Be Your Next Destination

Wular Lake

The Living Lakes of Srinagar

Agar firdous baroye zameen ast, hami asto, hami asto hami ast!  -Amir-e-Khusro Srinagar, the Heaven on Earth The dreamland, the choicest creation of god, Srinagar is set as a jeweled crown. Being the capital of the Sartaj of India, Jammu and Kashmir, Srinagar lies in the Kashmir Valley, on the banks of Jhelum River. Famous not only for its scenic beauty, the place is known … Continue reading The Living Lakes of Srinagar

The Famous Mughal Gardens of Srinagar

Mughal Architecture The grandeur of Mughal architecture and eye-catching natural beauty is what you will find at the famous Mughal gardens of Srinagar. These gardens are one of the most charming and preferred places to visit in Srinagar district. Mughal gardens have a distinct rectilinear layout and are enclosed within walls. They have many attractive features like a variety of beautiful cascades, magnificent horticulture, foliage, … Continue reading The Famous Mughal Gardens of Srinagar

Best Things to do in Srinagar

Srinagar, known for its scenic beauty, offers a lot more than sight-seeing. It actually gives you an opportunity to be a part of this nature’s catalogue. It is a place where even the gloomiest soul is forced to step outside and savour the enriching experience. There are many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by the tourists, all matching different tastes and preferences. For the … Continue reading Best Things to do in Srinagar

Floating Markets of Srinagar

As they say, “if there is Heaven on Earth, it is here”, in Srinagar! Srinagar, also known as the Summer Capital of J&K, is heaven on earth in true sense. Located on both sides of the Jhelum, which passes through the city and winds through the valley, deepening in the Dal Lake. It is famous for boats, lakes, gardens, handicrafts and dry fruits. Introduction Apart … Continue reading Floating Markets of Srinagar