Where winter is a bane to certain places and is cursed for bringing in stagnancy along with putting a full stop to the mundane lives of the folks, the same winter is a blessing to the new Srinagar. The city becomes all the more lively and flushed with people from different parts of the world, who come there to experience the splendid beauty of the snow clad mountains and the pouring flurries.

Adventure, sightseeing, yummylicious food and festivals, Srinagar has a storehouse of majestic things to offer you and the cold spell has never failed to mesmerize the travelers. Some of those few things are listed below for you:

If the google picture gallery of crystal-clear-snow-clad mountain peaks entice you, then pack your bags and get-set-go to witness that beauty with your naked eyes. How about being amidst all the beautiful snow and nothing else till the end of the horizon? Won’t that be a dream come true? Snow, snow, everywhere snow!

1. Adventure and Sports: The winter adventure sports of Kashmir will probably give you the best adrenaline rush and if you are a sports freak then you ought to experience this once. One can enjoy sledge riding, tobogganing, skiing and heli-skiing at Gulamarg.

The lakes which offer a plethora of beauty during the summers becomes skating ground for the people visiting Kashmir in the month of December and January. There is also a provision for ice hockey and ice skating for the people who aspire to enjoy some adventure. Ice skating rinks are established for the winter sports lover.

Indulge in the array of adventure sports that the valley has to offer after watching the delightful beauty of the city and give your trip another dimension.

2. Rejoice the festival of Snow: The best way to experience this heaven is by rejoicing the festival of snow and sports, The Snow Festival of Gulmarg. Participate in the festival and take home loads and loads of good pictures and a memory forever. This Snow Festival is celebrated in the month of January with enthusiasm and frolic.

Gulmarg, the “Meadow of Flowers”, is incredibly amazing during winters with every inch of the place covered with white-snow. The festivals marks the starting of winter sports in the region and has a number of winter sports such as rugby, skiing, snow cycling, snow baseball, ice skating.

Snow cycling and snow rugby are the chief attractions of the 3 days Gulmarg snow festival. Be there this winters!

3. Taste the flavors of Kashmirs winter cuisine: Harisa, one of the most celebrated cuisines of Kashmir, is a delicacy relished by the locals for nearly five months in a year i.e. during the winter season. As the temperature in the region begins to fall, the demand for harissa starts to rise. Consisting of lean mutton, rice and flavored spices the fennel, cardamom, clove and salt, the dish is cooked over simmering firewood for almost eight long hours with consistent stirring to bring it to just the right aroma. Isn’t that tempting? Eight hours of cooking just for one amazing dish.

It’s not just the taste, harissa has nutritional values too. The dish has double the nutritional value than just mutton alone and it is a rich source of proteins, fats, and helps in rebuilding tissues.

Don’t forget to taste this mouthwatering traditional Kashmiri winter cuisine when you are in the city.

4. Enjoy the tranquil Dal Lake: The whole city wears a blanket of snow, making it the ideal spot for all the photo travelers, wanting to capture some of the best shots. The shikara ride in the Dal Lake is one of the main attractions of Kashmir. Experience peace and tranquility in the lap of snowy Dal Lake and enjoy a long ride while witnessing the beauty of the Dal Lake which is all surrounded by white snow-covered Zabarwan Mountains. Do not forget to spend a day in a houseboat, it’s an experience in itself. While you are in the city, you can also visit the beautiful Mughal gardens and shrines.

The natural beauty is all dressed in snow and the whole city wears a complete new look.

Apart from all this, one more reason to visit this paradise is Snow fights. Nothing can be more wonderful than this. One must experience this once during their lifetime, walking down the snow covered streets, carrying a kangri in their phiran and sipping endless cups of noon chai or kehva while you read a good book.

Now that we’ve given you plenty of reasons to visit the city, all you need to do is book your tickets, pack your bags and go. Do not forget to make your reservation with RK Sarovar Portico and make the most of your winters this year.

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