Revel in the Festival of Snow

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

December: /dɪˈsɛmbə/ -n. A month of lights, snow and feasts. Let’s take a drive through the snow this December in Srinagar to celebrate the festival of snow together and enjoy some winter sports.
If a glimpse of a tiny patch of snow in a high mountain gully thrills you, then Srinagar is the destination for you this winter. Cold night, large sweater (Phirin, in this case), warm tea (Kahwah!), good book, and snow. Snow everywhere!
The festivity and enthusiasm that permeates the atmosphere of Jammu and Kashmir during the festival is something that cannot be felt anywhere else on the earth. The whole city is dressed up in a white snow dress to host the Snow festival on the eve of Christmas, every year at Gulmarg. The Tourism Department of Jammu and Kashmir organizes this festival to promote the state as an adventure tourism hub. The festival marks the starting of winter sports in the region and has a number of winter sports such as rugby, sledge riding skiing, snow cycling, ice hockey, snow baseball, and ice skating.
Snow cycling is the star attraction of the three-day snow festival. Besides from these adventurous sports activities there is a food festival and cultural events form a part of the festival too. Open to all people from all the religion and communities, there is no admission fees for the festival.
Imagine yourself all decked up with the heavy woolens, sledge riding, skiing on almost a 4 inch thick ice sheet and tasting the scrumptious food dishes amidst the localities signing some Kashmiri songs and your loved ones, shouting your name to cheer you up. Games, sports, rugby, wherever you see you see people playing and enjoying. There is a sense of excitement and thrill all over that cannot be experienced anywhere on a made up, artificial ice rink. So be here this winters and participate! This Snow Festival can give you the best adrenaline rush ever. So what are you waiting for!? Pack your bags and come to Srinagar. Book now with RK Sarovar Portico, Srinagar for a comfortable stay.
There is no better way to taste this heaven than by rejoicing this festival of snow and sports. Indulge in the array of adventure sports after watching the delightful beauty of the valley and take home some nice pictures and memories. . We hope you have a great time while you are in Srinagar and we wish you a happy adventurous trip well in advance.

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