Wazwaan – The Food Heaven

“There is no love sincerer, than the love of Food!”


Srinagar, the Paradise on Earth is not called the paradise only because of its historic gardens, indulgent houseboats and floating markets but also because of the appetizing Kashmiri Cuisine. The rustic charm of Srinagar influences visitors, with an exceptional sense of cordiality and one visit to this paradise can divide your life into “Before Kashmir” and “After Kashmir”.

Wazwan_Dal Lake

Talking about the Kashmiri cuisine, we would be covering the Royal Feast of Kashmir – Wazwaan!

Wazwaan is an elaborate feast consisting of the most popular and delectable dishes from the Kashmiri cuisine and has a total of 36 courses. Waz – is a chef, with rare culinary skills passed on through generations and Wan – is a shop with abundant supplies of meat. The Wasta Waza is the Master Chef who is assisted by various waza’s for the preparation of this elaborate feast.

The feast begins with the ritual of washing hands into a mobile basin called Tasht – a – nari and the process of serving and eating the meal is a ritual where guests are grouped into four and served in large plates called Tarami.


The Kashmiri cuisine is mildly spiced and full of aromatic flavors, with a rich variety of vegetables, yoghurt and meat dishes prepared with butter, spice and everything nice! Wazwaan can be rightly known for a little taste of heaven on earth, fusing the traditions of the nobles with the simple ingredients of the land.
Seven dishes are a must for this Royal feast; Tabak Maaz, Rista, Rogan Josh, Aab Gosh, Gushtaba, Nadru Yakhni and Phirni.

Because everything ends on a sweet note, Wazwaan ends with Phirni, a ground rice milk pudding adorned with edible silver, saffron, cardamom and rich dry fruits.


Wazwaan is the most popular feast and is organized usually on special occasions, however if you are visiting Srinagar and want to taste it you could try the following places Mughal Darbar, Ahadoos, Shamyana Restaurant, Kareema Restaurant or a local Kashmiri Wedding.

A gourmet’s delight, Wazwaan is the ultimate name in the Kashmir banquet.



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