RK Sarovar Introductory Post

Welcome to the blog of RK Sarovar Portico

Hotel RK Sarovar Portico, is a beautiful property set up in the awe-inspiring city of Srinagar. Through this blog we try to bring to you the New Srinagar, through the eyes of RK Sarovar Portico. Guests these days do not want an identikit hotel and therefore we bring to you several reasons why this one is different from the rest.
With an aim to bring you superior standards in accommodation, cuisine, employee behavior and facilities, RK Sarovar Portico wants to redefine itself as a hotel you would want to keep coming back to.

We hope you enjoy reading our blog posts and find them informative yet innovative and also look forward to welcoming you to the hotel.

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One thought on “Welcome to the blog of RK Sarovar Portico

  1. i would like to express my sincere thanks to the owners of this hotel in Kashmir for letting my Mamu, cousin and my parents stay in the hotel in the most horrible times during the September 2014 floods of Kashmir.
    They all had such nice things to say about the staff, the facilities provided by the hotel, the good service and the good food.
    Thank you all at Porto Sarovar in Kashmir.
    P.S. I have stayed at Porto Sarovar in Delhi a couple
    of times myself and I can vouch for the service and scrumptious breakfasts provided.

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